Bringing the Heart of America together in the Heartland of America & Uniting Across the Nation!

On September 23, 2017, HomeMakers for America, in partnership with conservative, faith-based and constitutional advocacy groups across the nation, will hold a Moms March for America!

Moms, daughters, and grandmas will unite across the nation to promote a message of  hope and decency as we stand for truth, family, freedom and the Constitution.  The center of the march is Omaha, Nebraska, but you don’t have to come to Omaha to join the march.  The event will be broadcast live so you can join the march wherever you are!  See “Why Nebraska” Video The Mom’s March is not a physical march walking down the street carry signs, it is a cultural march symbolizing  the march that mothers make every day across their homes, schoolyards, and businesses as they strengthen their homes, influence their communities and shape our nation. What is a cultural march? Click Hereto learn more.  See Video

Map of Light

The Declaration of Mothers is the message and standard for our March. If you support the Declaration of Mothers we invite to you join us! We know there is at least one mother in every city and town in America who still cares about God, recognizes the importance of family and wants to see freedom prosper. Sign the Declaration of Mothers and we’ll light up your city and show the people of America you’re not alone.  Let’s cover the nation with lights! Click Image to see if your city is on the map.

Madison Rsing rocking the National Anthem, please share!

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