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The Tea Party:

The Tea Party is first and foremost a platform for The Taxpayer to finally have a voice...and place of united strength from which to advocate for the priorities that best strengthen the Constitutional and free-market based principles that protect our freedoms and the future security of our children.

Our primary focus is fiscal conservatism. Basic common sense on spending and budgets is a common interest most Americans can agree upon, regardless of political party of social agendas. Social issues take a back seat with the Tea Party, as they are the issues that divide Americans and prevent conversation on common values.


San Diego Tea Party. Our History:

On February 27th, 2009, Dawn Wildman, as a member of TCOT agreed to hold a tea party here in San Diego in coordination with about 40 other cities across the nation. Not really sure what a modern tea party should look like, she invited a few local activists to speak, shredded the Stimulus Bill and the CA Budget, and stuffed them in giant tea bags to be thrown into the Harbor (tethered, of course, so they could be removed). Leslie Eastman found Dawn on-line planning the event, and having a background in journalism, volunteered to put out a press release. Leslie invited Sarah Bond, a graphic artist she knew from play dates at the local park, to design tea party shirts for her and Dawn to wear that day. A few shout-outs from talk radio (even John and Ken) and well placed announcements on Facebook and Twitter brought hundreds of people to the Star of India that day. Some even came from as far away as Chico and Berkley! As most of you remember, this was in response to TARP, Stimulus and the 2009 California Budget and it's historic tax hikes. A movement was born!

Not knowing if the term "tea party" would survive, we christened this new group the So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition. We began efforts to plan the April 11th & 15th Tax Day events.

A couple weeks later, Jeff Wangsgaard, unaware of SoCalTRC and excited about the Tax Day Tea Party effort, the San Diego Tea Party Meetup Group. He organized a "planning meeting" at Balboa park in March that actually turned into a Tea Party where we all met for the first time.

Realizing we were working on the same agenda, we decided to work together to promote 2009 San Diego Tax Day Tea Party..which was a huge success, not only at the San Diego location, but all over the county. By then several groups were up and running in the county: Stop Taxing Us in Oceanside. North County Conservatives in Escondido, Ramona Tea Party...with additional events in Rancho Penaquitos & El Cajon. Soon after Tax Day 2009 came the East County Tea Party, Santee Tea Party, Vista Tea Party Patriots, Liberty Tree Patriots of Poway, Chula Vista Patriots, Lakeside Tea Party, & more every day!).

Jeff decided the San Diego Tea Party Meetup would focus on being a message board based forum while we here at So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition chose to focus on event planning, multi media networks and action alerts. It has been a fruitful division of labor!

In these years, So Cal Tax Revolt Coalition has organized over 40 events, including San Diego Tea Parties, protests, petition gathering, training, film screenings, social events and more. We network local bloggers, search out and promote like-minded artists, and make every effort to promote the other grassroots events in the region.

No one group can do it all, not by a long shot, but the growing community of tea party activists here in San Diego is casting a wider and wider net over the key issues of the day. And we are confident that the pendulum of big government tax-n-spend policy is starting to turn in our favor.

San Diego County enjoys the most active, effective, and growing urban tea party movement on the West Coast. We have an election record to be proud of, consistent coverage in the media and momentum is in our favor. Stay active, help grow the movement, and be proud of the good work you and your fellow taxpayers are doing to protect this community. As goes California, so goes the Nation.

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