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Meet the most important supporters and leaders of our organization.


Dawn Wildman
Dawn is the President at SoCal Tax Revolt Coalition Inc. She is one of the "mothers of the movement" and SoCal TRC was one of 22+ tea parties that began on February 27,2009. Dawn works on policy issues such as Healthcare and Education Reform. She is also the co-founder of Citizens United for Responsible Education. 

Sarah Bond

Sarah is a successful graphic artist who has been a part of SoCal  Tax Revolt Coalition Inc from the beginning. She not only helped with the founding of SCTRC but has been an integral part of the movement at large even having her 9-12-2009  DC March T-Shirt deisgned by her put in to the Smithsonian museum. Sarah is a wife and mother and volunteers for her children's school. Sarah also blogs under the name Lipstick Underground.


Leslie Eastman


Leslie is a scientist with a local business dealing with business environmental issues. She has been on Fox News, FBN, and many other interveiws on TV, radio and print on behalf of SCTRC. She writes for Legal Insurrection blog and her own blog Temple of MUT. Leslie has been a very important part of our team as she is savy with the media and works hard to show that as a woman and a Democrat she too has concerns with the Nations security.

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We are a  California non-profit organization and welcome any kind of support. We thank you for your support and encouragement over the years. 


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