Kimberley Strassel 


Wall Street Journal Editorial Board and Author has written a great expose on the IRS abuse of power and authority case 

"The Intimidation Game- How the Left Is Silencing Free Speech"


You can find an interview with Kim Strassel here.


Kimberley Strassel is a member of the Wall Street Journal editorial board, based in Washington. Since 2007 she has written the "Potomac Watch" column and has worked for the Wall Street Journal in Brussels, London, and New York. An Oregon native, Ms. Strassel is a graduate of Princeton University and lives in Virginia with her three children.


Not since Woodward and Bernstein's "All the President's Men" has there been a journalist willing to do the deep digging to uncover the abuse of power by an out of control American government. If you are an activist you must read this book to discover the playbook of the progressive ruling elite. If you are an interested citizen/voter you should read this book so you know the extent to which a very coordinated progressive cabal is willing to go to silence Americans.

Kimberley Strassel interviewed American citizens who were actually harmed by the overreach of government agencies and an Administration that has been calling the shots for almost 8 years. The thread of how conservative Americans were singled out for IRS audits and raids on their homes and police action is stunning. The fact that few other media outlets covered these stories is even more stunning. Thank goodness this travesty bothered Ms. Strassel enough for her to undertake this very unpopular stand by investigating this criminal behavior by government employees and their political Svengalis.

People need to understand what happened, who is involved and how the progressives continue to harass innocent Americans for no other reason but that they have a differing set of values and principles. Such an excellent book! Thank you Kimberley Strassel for writing it!

Will the IRS silence your free speech?

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